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2015-07-01 10:36

Autodesk Character Generator

Porównanie wersji

Access the entire standard character catalog, including ancestors, face, skin, eyes, hair, body shapes, and clothing v  
Get character customization tools v  
Access artistic styles, such as Gorn or Bulk   v
New: Use character options with improved anatomical accuracy and higher-quality textures   v
New: Set targeted options when exporting to multiple content creation tools v  
New: Get more intuitive workflow when choosing clothing and hair variations v  
Generate low-quality models for export in Maya and FBX file formats v  
Generate characters with HumanIK body rig v  
Generate textures v  
Generate medium- or high-quality models for export in Maya and FBX file formats   v
Access facial expressions, including blend shapes and bone rigs   v


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Barbara Janowicz
t: 22 37 97 458
mobile: 606 432 656
Michał Wiedro
t: 22 37 97 661
mobile: 722 016 367


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