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2015-06-30 15:39

Autodesk ReCap 360

Autodesk ReCap 360 - Porównanie wersji RECAP, RECAP 360, RECAP 360 ULTIMATE

Porównanie wersji RECAP, RECAP 360, RECAP 360 ULTIMATE


wersja darmowa
ReCap 360 ReCap 360 Ultimate
Source Data Laser Scaneners Laser Scan and Photos Laser Scan and Photos
   Web Desktop  Web Desktop Web  Desktop
Import scans from all vendors and standards      v   v
Laser scan colorization (Faro and Z&F scanners)      v   v
Point cloud indexing and segmentation    v   v   v
3D visualization of point clouds    v   v   v
Real Views (panoramic visualization)    v   v   v
Basic measurement tools in 3D point cloud and in Real Views    v   v   v
Basic annotations with hyperlinks in Real Views   v   v   v
Publish Real Views in your A360 account in the cloud    v   v   v
Point cloud cleanup, clipping, and regioning    v   v   v
Create view states    v   v   v
Create RCP/RCS files    v   v   v
Export point clouds (RCP/RCS, E57, PTS, PCG    v   v   v
Visualize Real Views in your A360 account    v v v v
Advanced measurements tools in Real Views      v v v v
Advanced tagging and markup features in Real Views      v v v v
Advanced search features in Real Views      v v v v
Real View states     v v v v
Share and collaborate with Real Views from A360 account      v    v  
PHOTOS TO 3D             
Support all rectilinear cameras         
Support GoPro fisheye images (Hero 3 & 3+ Black Edition)         v  
 Automatic scaling and geolocation from GPS data in Exif files        v  
Full-resolution, automatic image-based stitching, modeling, and texturing         v  
Survey points or reference distance input before stitching         v  
Smart cropping and smart texturing        v  
Manual stitching        v  
Create 2D orthographic images     v   v  
Create photo-textured mesh in OBJ, FBX, RCM, and IPM formats     v   v  
Create photo-based point cloud in RCS format     v   v  
Markerless, scan-to-scan registration           v
Automatic registration           v
Target-based accuracy reports           v
Survey control verification           v
Target-based registration refinement           v
Registration rollback           v


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